Robot Restaurant in Tokyo


The main feature of this restaurant- situated in Kabuchicho, a part of Tokyo well known for its quirky and entertaining nightlife- is its 2 meter tall giant female robots. Each complete with pneumatic breasts and a seat for its operator, these ‘Fembots’ are said to be worth 10 million yen each.

Nothing will quite prepare you for the plethora of colours, sights and sounds that hit you when you step into this robot themed restaurant. In the land where ancient mysticism meets pop culture, for a mere fee of 4000yen (USD40), this two hour ‘dinner show’ dazzles you with its ancient art of Taiko drumming, cabaret style dances and mock battles of ‘bikini-clad women versus giant robots’. Yes siree, there will be plenty display of female flesh and some exciting robot entertainment!

The show may be a feast on the eyes and senses but do not expect too much of the dinner. The skimpy, cold Bento (Japanese lunch box) and a 300ml bottle of green tea that are included in the fee leaves the ‘dinner’ part of the show something to be desired. A selected choice of booze (canned chuhai & beer) is also available at 500 yen each.

My advice to getting the most out of the evening out is to eat before you get there and party elsewhere after the show.


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